6 Important Elements Of An Effective Ad Copy

6 Important Elements Of An Effective Ad Copy
October 1, 2019 TCA Team
TCA Team
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It takes the first 5 words of your ad copy to catch your audience’s attention. An effective ad copy can either make you gain your customers’ respect or lose their trust so don’t feel too bad if you spend too much time thinking about the best way to deliver your message through words. Let’s face it, today’s generation are either busy or have a shorter attention span. They would rather click on a meaningless image than read a whole paragraph about how great your product is.

To be able to guide you better, here are the 6 important elements of an effective ad copy and trust us, it works.

1. Create A Killer Intro

Imagine this, person A approaches person B, walks up to them and just say “Hi, I’m person A”. Then person C approaches person B and says, “Are you a camera? Because I just can’t stop smiling when you’re around?”. Who do you think would grab person B’s attention? I think we all know the answer. A Hi or Hello does not work anymore. When was the last time you read an ad that started with Hi! We’re company XYZ?

First impressions last. This should be your mantra when you start brainstorming for an introduction. Your introduction is your gateway, the first hurdle that you need, yes, need to overcome for your target audience to start warming up to you. Make it a good one!

2. Keep Your Message Short and Sweet

Now that you have your audience attention, they’re already listening and they’re waiting for what you are going to say next. Keep your message short and sweet, straight to the point and clear. Avoid using jargons and start with words that are easy to comprehend.

“Increase your budget on ads to get more purchases” is easier to understand than saying “increase your bid strategy to get more conversions”. At least 2 sentences with clear information of your product details is enough to feed your audience’s curiosity.

3. Tell Them What’s New

Always come up with something new to offer. It doesn’t have to be a new product or service, but a new way to deliver your ads. Have you seen clothing companies announce their new “collection edit”? Sometimes the clothes in the collection aren’t new but the company mixed and matched to make each of the looks seem new.

Another case study is GoPro and we’re assuming that everyone who are reading this article knows what and who GoPro is. GoPro launched a campaign a few years back that encouraged their users to submit videos or images captured using their product. The best one gets a prize of course and it was a huge success! Millions submitted and GoPro’s sales increased. The point is to not put an emphasis on the word new but to present your products in a new and different way.

4. Honesty = Integrity

Never make false promises, invent false claims to make your product sound more appealing to your audience. Being transparent is always key to keep your consumers’ support. Here’s a good example, have you seen photos of hamburgers from famous fast food joints that doesn’t look like the real product? Now, convert those photos into words. How “deceiving” can that be?

There were tons of cases back then where huge corporations made an exaggeration of what their products contain or what it can do that not only damaged their name, but also cost them millions in lawsuit.

5. An Appropriate Call to Action

“Book Now” – perfect for reservations at a restaurant or scheduling an appointment. “Call us today” is a great invitation for anyone who may have more questions about your business. “Take a tour” if you are in the real estate or property industry. “Sign Up now” is appropriate for signing up for your newsletters. There is always a specific call to action that would match your offerings.

6. Your contact information

Provide the best way for your customers to reach you whether through email or by phone. Always make sure that your contact information in your website or social media sites are updated as well so customers don’t call a non-existent number.

To conclude, an effective Ad copy is pretty much a marketing funnel in itself.  It starts with getting your customers’ attention, guiding them step by step on what your product is about and eventually provide them instructions on how to own that product. Take your time, test, research, see what your competitors are doing too to come up with your effective copy.

If you need assistance, The Conscious Agency can definitely help you create an ad copy that sells! Contact us here for more information.

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