A to Z of Branding: All You Need To Know

A to Z of Branding: All You Need To Know
September 26, 2019 TCA Team
TCA Team
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Branding goes beyond the visuals. It is not just the graphics, the business cards, the logos that set you apart. Branding is EVERYTHING – and by everything, we mean everything about your business.  You’ll know that you have successfully created a brand when people start to recognise your business through any of their five senses.

Let’s just take Coca-Cola for example. They are not just know for the red and black colour combo. They are also know for having the best commercials, the best Christmas jingle and one of the best product promos.

Branding is a story that starts with making that great first impression, continuously serenading your potential customers until they know who and what you are all about to falling in love with your company.

Most people think that branding only deals with colours and logos. Apart from recognition, there is so much that branding does to your business. It is good to understand this terminology inside out if you want to succeed. Remember, branding is visible in both the assets you create but also message you are telling in everything you do. So, here are our A to Z for your Branding to stand out.

Approachable. Your target market should not be intimidated with your brand. They should feel comfortable enough to be able to relate to it.

Bold. Be Bold! Put your name out there, take the risk and go head on. You may be small now but showing that you can conquer the world where every business is in competition with each other, that says a lot.

Consumer-based. At the end of the day, your consumers needs come first. Probably put up a survey, ask for opinions, what they say matter. They’re the ones who will use your products or services so let your brand be all about them.

Delivery. There are Brands that deliver their message in a subtle way. We’ve seen Thai Commercials create tear jerking commercials for an insurance company. The message delivered was clear. If you want to have a good Branding, brainstorm on the best way on how to get your message across.

Effectiveness. How do you measure an effective Branding? You’ll know it is effective if you’re getting good returns – so keep an eye on your CVR or Conversion Rates.

Fun. Let’s not forget the fun part. Branding should not be something that is a dreadful part of your business. Yes it is had to start and establish a Brand but make sure to have fun along the way. It will definitely resonate throughout your Branding Content and Strategy.

Graphic. Here comes the visuals. This is the most exciting part for every Branding stage because you get to use that creative juice – which logo, colour, style represent your business the most. You know what I’m talking about.

Heart. Pull those heartstrings, show empathy, give sympathy. Consumers like to see a Brand who is out to help. Make donations, create small changes to make your product as organic and earth-friendly as it can be. Your customers will love it.

Influence. Good influence to be exact. Influence is something we need to be mindful as most consumers follow people or products who influences them the most.

Journey. Your journey in creating your Brand may be something that your consumers may be interested about. Why did you start your business? How did you start your business? People love a good backstory behind every successful as it is quite inspirational and motivating.

KPI. One great thing about Marketing today is you get to measuring your Key Performance Indicators. Will you be measuring your leads? Engagements? Choose the right KPI’s, adjust according to the numbers and you’ll see success in no time.

Leverage. Take advantage of every help, every assistance other companies might offer. Do not forget to reach out and widen the span of your market through different channels. There are podcasts now, webinars, Social Media, Affiliates, do not stop yourself from using these for your benefit.

Memorable. Do you still remember that famous commercial you used to see all the time on TV while watching your favourite show? What makes you remember it? These are good questions to ask when you’re brainstorming. Good Branding is memorable.

Name. What’s in a name? The name of your company is probably the first thing you will ever think about. Don’t use big words. Just make it short and simple.

Opportunity. Every time you release a Marketing material is an opportunity to establish your Brand. Every opportunity is a first so create a unique material through those opportunities.

Products. What is the purpose of your product? What problem does it solve? How does it help your consumers? Your products are the star of your brand. It is what you sell and it should be worth your customer’s every penny.

Quality. Something that should never be compromised.

Research. Great research translates to great Branding. The internet is in everyone’s fingertips so use this to research about your competition, what they’re doing, what’s working and what is not.

Strategic. Understanding strategy helps you place your materials at the right place during the right time for the right audience.

Trendy. Is it IN or OUT? Google trends is a great tool to find out what are the current market trends you can use for your Branding.

Unlimited. The saying goes, the possibilities are endless and you only limit is your imagination.

Voice. Branding can have different voices. It can be funny and quirky to deep and elegant. Finding that voice allows you to create your Brand’s personality.

Wit. Everyone loves to talk to that person who says something smart and clever. Let your Brand be full of witty, short and simple but meaningful remarks.

Xtra.  Be extra, be unconventional, be weird, be different. Think out of the box and do not be afraid to ‘Xperiment’.

YOU! Put ‘you’ in your Branding. Some entrepreneurs lose themselves and forget who they really are while in the process of creating that Brand. It is great to have collective ideas in the team but don’t get drowned by it. Mix those ideas in while staying true to who you are and the brand your building.

Zen. Finally, being at peace with all the names, visuals, products and process puts you, as a business owner, in a great position.


The Conscious Agency is an expert in Branding and if you need more information, you can reach out to our Brand experts and have a 15 minute chat on the best way to brand your business.

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