All You Need To Know About Facebook Ads

All You Need To Know About Facebook Ads
October 3, 2019 TCA Team
TCA Team
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With it’s huge potential market, why does your business need Facebook ads? The answer is, if you are just starting, it gets really competitive. Facebook, the most popular and probably the biggest Social Media Platform in 2019. There are at least 2.7 Billion people around the world using it. Users visit and stay on the site at least 2 hours a day. For a small business, it is a huge ocean of potential audience and customers for your brand.  There are about 80 million Facebook pages on May 2018 and the number may be higher today – about 5% your competitor. if you’ve just created your page today, Facebook Ads is the best way and most efficient way to invest in getting your products and services out there. 

 We have consolidated Facebook Ads’ features and why we think these features will greatly benefit your business by using it. 

Campaign Objectives

The objectives of your campaign defines what you want to get out of from your Facebook Ads. Currently, Facebook has 11 types of campaign objectives and when the best time to use it: 

Brand Awareness – If you want more people to become aware of your brand, products and services. This is perfect forstart ups.

Local Awareness – Use if you want people within your people from your local area to become aware of your brand.

Reach – Reach as many as people as you can through the number of impressions.

Traffic – Use if you want people to visit your website.

Engagement – Use if you want to get more engagement with your ads. Engagement on Facebook means likes, comments and shares.

Apps Installs – If you just launched a new app and you want your customers, new and old to download and use it to take advantage of your services instead of going to your site though their browser.This can also be used by game developers or any type of apps.

 Video views – Perfect if you have launched a video ad campaign and you want more people to watch it.

Lead Generation – This is if you want more people to provide their information like email address or phone number in exchange of a product or service. 

 Messages – Use if you want more people to enquire about your company by sending you a message.

 Conversions – Use if you want your audience to interact within your site that is deemed valuable to your business. This can be signing up for a paid membership or your new course, purchasing a product, even just clicking a phone call button or watch your video in your website is already a conversion. 

 Catalog Sales – If you are an e-commerce company selling a list of products e.g. dresses, shoes, health care products, etc. This is your go-to campaign objective. 

 Store Traffic – Get more people to visit your place of business, restaurant or shop.


 Ad format is what your customer will be looking at when they see your ads. Facebook currently has 3 ad formats and they are the following: 

Single Image/photo Ads – A photo along with an engaging text plus an inviting Call to Action is the most common ad format you’d see on Facebook. Of course what happens after your potential lead clicks on the ad depends on the campaign objective.

 Video Ads – The modern day commercial ad. Video ads are not limited in TV, they are now on Facebook too! This feature was just added by Facebook we’re assuming because video ads weren’t a thing last year, 2018.

 Carousel Ads – These are multiple images in one ad. Again, perfect for e-commerce company if you have a list of products or services that you are selling.

 Market Targeting

What we love about Facebook Ads is that you can be really specific in your target marketing. As a Digital Marketing Agency and as a Marketer, we all know that we have to define our customer’s persona. It starts from the Demographic, what age group, where they live, their income, their lifestyle, their favourite restaurant, their activities, their favourite cartoon show, pretty much everything is available in Facebook Ads’ market targeting. Isn’t that great? 


Definitely one of Facebook Ads’ feature that you SHOULD take advantage of. What is remarketing? Remarketing is when you show your ads to those who visited your site and spent a significant amount of time, probably added products in the cart, but did not convert. Those ads that were from the website you just visited, it’s not a conspiracy, it is remarketing. Facebook Pixel is the star for this feature. Once you set Facebook Pixel Up, you can track, optimise and define your audience. Get those who visited your site in the past to visit your site again and finish a purchase or sign up for your service. 

Budget Control

If you are a start up and you have limited money but want to get your brand advertised, then you will love Facebook’s budget control system. Set up your daily budget spend and the schedule when your ads are going to be seen. There are other things that you can set like whether you get charged by impression or click links (CPC – Cost Per Click).  

Having control of your budget is such a great option to have but if you are a business who does not have a lot to spend on Facebook Ads, making sure that the ads are sent to the right audience is a must. Aside from the choosing right objective, creating a customer persona and remarketing here are some more ways to maximise your budget: 

  • Write an Engaging and Effective Ad Copy
  • Choose a visually pleasing photo that is relevant to your ad copy
  • Do an A/B test
  • Adjust your ad schedule during the time and day where it gets the most engagement


Lastly, how can we forget about reporting? Having to know whether your ads are actually working or not is a powerful tool to have. Facebook Analytics for Ads will allow you to monitor your campaign performance with very detailed information and breakdowns of the demographics of your target market. It will allow you to make conscious decisions whether to pause, to adjust and optimise your current campaigns.  

If you need someone to manage your Facebook Ads, The Conscious Agency has Facebook Experts who can assist you set up your Facebook Business Manager, create a campaign and maximise your ad spend. Contact us today. 

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