We'll create your own podcast series, from idea to artwork and technical set up PLUS we'll train you!

Creating your podcast is a great way to not only expand your brand but get more work and prospective clients. It’s also a great way to develop your voice in the your market and shape your message while gaining exposure. We help you create your first ‘Podcast Series’ of 8 episodes published weekly. We also include training, so if you want to then create your next on your own, you can!

This is what we include:

Strategy and Idea for Podcast

We work on an idea of name and content with you and we also keep in mind the other social media strategies we have formed if you are working in the ultimate package, which works to deepen the impact of your marketing. We then work on the the intro and outro script for your podcast.

We create the Artwork and Design

We create your artwork and design of your podcast channel and the 8 20-40 min episodes including creating sharable images for your social media.

Setting up your Podcast

Here we set up your podcast channel on the right software platform and we link your apple Itunes and other medium feeds. (Note that this does not include the platform costs, this can be between $10 and $20 per month)

Recording and Editing

We record your intro and outro, choose your music sting and then take your podcasts you have recorded (we show you how to do easily) and edit them into the final podcast.

Publish and Social Media

We publish your podcast and then prepare and share your podcast on your 2 main social channels with artwork, copy and hashtags.