Everything you need to show the BRAND YOU!

Today more than ever you need to have your brand stand out with it’s own unique look and feel. Scarlett Vespa, our brand expert and creative director for entrepreneurs, creates a unique brand for you. We also believe it’s important to have everything managed in the one place, one point of contact so you don’t have to worry about anything linking or working with any other part of your business. This is Scarlett’s successful process that she has created for many clients in Australia and the US. You can check out her work HERE. We can also create TV Ads and Branded Content campaigns, check it out HERE.

The process includes:

Strategy for Video Campaign

We clarify the role of the video and what its role is will have in your business. We create the idea for the video including the appropriate execution of the idea.

Shoot Day

We provide all the crew and equipment for the shoot day, we will work with your office or hire the right location or studio, depending on idea requirements. Shoot includes: Camera crew, sound, lighting, make-up artist and director.*We can also provide a stylist if requested.

Post Production

After the shoot, we manage all the post production which incudes: Editing, graphic design (working with your brand elements), music production, sound mix and final files to be used for presentation or online – website or social media. We like to create you teasers as well to use on social media.

Publishing the Campaign

If you are working with us in social media, we arrange publishing of the videos including social media channels.