A funnel is a term used to grab your potential customer through a social media platform and the way you get their attention is by offering them something which is usually for free. A webinar is a great way to introduce yourself and build trust, while showcasing your expertise. The webinar can be 20-60 mins long and then at the end is your opportunity to up-sell your service with a discount. This then goes to a landing page where the final sale is made. IF for whatever reason they don’t buy then, you build in a email structure that feeds and stays connected to that person. This is how it looks!

Strategy Consult on Webinar + Campaign Idea

This is where we articulate the service or product you wish to advertise and the campaign idea we will be working with. We’ll also work out the audience, type of spend you need to do on Facebook/Instagram and how the creative is going to work.

Webinar Creation Instruction + Guidance

The second last point of the funnel is the webinar and here we work with you on how to create your webinar from a creative and technical viewpoint. If you want us to create it for you, then we can tailor our quote to accommodate this in.

Set up of Webinar & Landing Page on Platform

We work with a few different platforms, here will set up your account and connect it to your site, the campaign and your landing page. This platform is an external cost paid directly by you, so no mark-up from us, therefore you need to allow for this cost. About $39 US per month.

Creation of Sales Landing Page & Integration into Website

When people are the at the end of the webinar, they will purchase your service or product and be taken to a landing page, we will set this up and integrate your commerce capability so you can take the sales!

Facebook Ad Creation & Management

To start your funnel, you’ll need an ad to drive traffic to your webinar. This is where we create your FB Ad (3 different types) so we can track effectiveness and behaviour. You will need to spend at least $200 per month to be effective. Again you will be paying for this yourself as we will set up your own ad account on Facebook.


Payment Options: