Almost everyone are using social media platforms today so SMM (Social Media Management) is vital today in order to get your product or service found by the right target market. Understanding the right platform, creating engaging posts and sending these posts to where your target market is the key to a successful online business page.

We believe it’s vital to get the foundation of your Social Media Management right and in this first 3 month period, we can make sure to plan, schedule and engage with your audience in order to attain your business objectives .

There are 4 areas we would be working on and in this way you are covered:

Strategy and Schedule

We will put forward a social media marketing plan for you to approve, which is then scheduled and worked on with the team.

Article Writing / Editing (1 per week)

We will get a brief from you and some rough content or idea and this will include right SEO for the site. We will get the right image and creative to go with each article for your site.

We will also repurpose another article or piece of content that will be shared across social channels.

Graphic Design

We will create 3 original IG posts per week (mon/wed/fri) and repost other accounts on your IG.

We will engage with other accounts and like and comment.

We will receive 3 videos from you to be shared on either LinkedIn Or Instagram per week. These videos will be edited and prepared for branding (Only editing is opening and closing)

Month End Report

We will be sending a report with an analysis of your Social Media platforms’ month to month performance, look for areas of improvement and work out a strategy based on the data.


Payment Options:

If you would like to pay via EFT or Paypal, then please email us HERE to organise.