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As an entrepreneur, you need to make sure your own brand stands out. Businesses come and go, but your own name is a lifetime evolution of your brand.  We create the foundation of your business, logo and brand identity, key offer and message, your website, email needs, photography, video, presentation material, social media creation and much more. Scarlett Vespa, who works with you on your brand and all the creative design, is able to unlock the unique vision of your brand with her deep insights and intuition. 

Below is a selection of work we’ve created for our clients. The videos are a mixture to show how a speaker could showcase their event, a personal brand video about their service, interviews we’ve created for bigger brands and their products to show you how our interviewing style works. 


Ad for Speaker/Entrepreneur

Website Brand Video | Executive Coach

Website Brand Video | CEO + Coach

Event for Speaker/Entrepreneur

Website Brand Video | Spiritual Coach

Website Brand Video | Money Coach

Website Brand Video | CEO

Website Brand Video | Career Coach

Website Brand Video | Visibility Coach

Westfield Ads | Interviews with Blogger

Punch Park Ads

Millers Campaign | Interviews with Women


Website | theescapist.co

Website | christystrauch.com

Logo Only

Website | cdva.org.au

Website | maryjocoaching.com

Website | mauriziovespa.com

Website | kamalamurphey.com

Logo Only


“I have absolute trust in her…”
Finance Expert

Scarlett looks at your brand in 360 degrees while
everyone else only thinks of appearances…

Money Coach

She produces rare, beautiful work…

Career & Astrology Coach

She produced things that are so spot on in
how I want to be seen…

Spiritual Coach / Speaker

She guides you every step of the way and makes you
feel you can be yourself…

Interior Designer

She really uses her intuition, a whole body
sense of who you are…

Career Coach