Google Search Console’s Site Speed Report

Google Search Console’s Site Speed Report
November 8, 2019 TCA Team
TCA Team
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Search Console site speed report has just been released by Google and it’s in beta version this Monday. Over the past few years, SEO or Search Engine Optimization has played a very vital part in every business’ marketing campaign. Being in the digital era, search engines have already become part of every individual’s life, making everything easier and within the reach of our fingertips.

The goal of SEO is simple – optimize website ranking. Be more visible and be the first result people would see at the top of the results pages on search engines when they type in keywords that align with your products and services. Sounds pretty easy, but with today’s constantly growing number of brands and businesses being introduced to digital marketing, it can be quite a challenge. Getting you on top of the results pages of search engines organically could be difficult since there are other faster and more effective ways of reaching that goal. This is where different tools and applications would come in handy for your marketers.

Google Console (formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools), for example, gives you a compact dashboard to control multiple SEO and reporting tools that will help you plan out and work on optimizing your rankings. It has become quite essential for every website owner and SEO specialist to know and understand it because aside from reports, Google Search Console also provides direct insights from Google regarding your website. It shows how your site is seen on the internet, checks and reports any errors, broken links and pages, and much more.

Google search console site speed report

Just recently, Google has finally launched a new feature in the Google Console to help SEO – Page Speed Reports. Initially introduced in February 2019 and previewed again in May 2019, website owners and SEO specialists have been waiting to get the chance to try this tool, and nine months later, it has finally been rolled out for public use. Just like all the general features of Google Search Console, the Page Speed Reports function is predicted to become one of the most vital tools in SEO as well.

Before diving into the benefits of this new tool, we must first have a firm grasp of the relevance of page speed in SEO. Page speed is a very important factor in SEO to ensure a better experience for website visitors and higher conversion rates. There have been tools for page speed reporting but most are complicated and not fully automated like this Google tool. Mostly, you would have to manually input details of specific pages that don’t come up, or, to make sure they do, you would have to enter them in one by one. A very time consuming task, that sometimes gives inaccurate results too.

Now, with the new Page Speed Reports, the feedback you will get is fully automated – meaning you do not have to enter the information you need manually anymore. Google Search Console new Page Speed Reports get the data from Chrome User Experience reports and groups them into three categories – fast, moderate, and slow. This shows how your website is being used all over the world, both on mobile and desktop, with separate tabs for each category. It gives immediate feedback on which URLs are slowing the site down, and pages that are doing well within a few hours to a couple of days. This helps SEO specialists and website owners better understand if the changes made to their pages are beneficial or harmful to its speed, which pages need more attention and which ones are doing just fine.

According to Google, “The report classifies URLs by speed and the issue that causes any slowdowns. Drill down on a specific issue to see examples of slow URLs to help you prioritize performance improvements for them. To get a better sense of what type of optimization can be performed for a specific URL, the report links to the Page Speed Insight tool, which provides information on specific optimization opportunities.” This reporting tool helps website owners and SEO specialists better understand how their websites are performing, and how consumers are experiencing them. It gives you reports with historical data on potential issues and problems that could get worse as time goes by, giving you the chance to prevent slowdowns and crashes before they are even reported.


Aside from helping enhance consumer experience and overall site performance, Google Search Console’s Page Speed Report function is also important for your rankings. Google uses an algorithm that puts its users first. Their studies have shown that if a page loads slowly, users leave after about 3 seconds. That tells Google that the user experience is negative, and will not rank your site.


Overall, Google has formulated this function for the Google Search Console to make SEO easier to optimize rankings for all website owners, generalists, and specialists – whether you have been in the business a long time or a newbie.


If you have trouble with your site speed that stops your website from performing, let us know and we’ll assist you.

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