Our Favourite Social Media Scheduling Platforms

Our Favourite Social Media Scheduling Platforms
October 10, 2019 TCA Team
TCA Team
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With the current explosion of the Social Media Industry, many businesses take advantage of Social Media as a way to connect to their customers. On the other hand as a conscious entrepreneuryour company can have up to 5 business pages in different places which means managing and scheduling posts can become pretty difficult and time consuming – the solution? Social Media Scheduling Platforms. 

Now, which Social Media scheduling platform is perfect for your business you ask? We have narrowed it down to 4 of the platforms we have used so far, rated them by pricing, usability, reporting and social media coverage. We also mentioned pros and cons so by the end of this article, you’d be able to decide if you want to use any of these 4 Scheduling tools or try to look for another option elsewhere. 


Social Sprout is probably every Digital Marketing Agency’s favourite scheduler. A cool feature they have is you can transfer all your post ideas from your excel sheet to Social Sprout. This definitely helps with bulk uploads! Once scheduled, you can easily edit or change if needed. You can also manage permissions to grant different levels of access to your users. They have a built in automated reporting tool that will help you know whether your posts are engaging or not. Best of all, it has ViralPost which determines the best time to send out your posts. The cons? First off, it is quite pricey at US$99 per user a month. It also does not offer multiple images to be uploaded at once. It also doesn’t have much visuals so it’s hard to track which photos you have scheduled and which ones you haven’t. They also don’t allow multiple photo upload so just limit it to one photo per post. Our verdict: 

Price: 5/10 

Usability: 8/10 

Reporting: 7/10 

Social Media Platforms coverage: 8/10 


2. Buffer 

Aside from Sprout Social and Hootsuite, Buffer is also one of those scheduling platforms to look out for. Their user interface is visually stunning and easy to use but the scheduling is not as integrated as the other platforms. They also offer a Buffer Reply which helps for any engagement or conversation management across your social media platforms. Buffer also has Pablo which assists in editing and making changes in your graphic content creation. Buffer also offers free usage for up to 3 social accounts and 30 posts. Reporting will only be available once you start paying them at $15 a month. Cons? Other scheduling tool can provide better data when it comes to reporting and less leverage in post scheduling. Thus here’s how we rated Buffer: 

Price: 9/10 

Usability: 9/10 

Reporting: 5/10 

Social Media Platforms coverage: 8/10 


3. HootSuite 

Hootsuite is the most well-known Social Media scheduler. This is the one of the first that our Agency tried and used. Not only because it is quite easy to use but it is also because if you are just starting your business, synchronize 3 social media accounts and schedule up to 30 posts for FREE!  If you are handling more than 3 accounts for different clients, Hootsuite offers $29 a month for 10 social media profiles and unlimited scheduling with a free 30 day trial too. However, as good as it sounds, Hootsuite has its cons including, no data in Facebook Insights, lower engagement and reach. It had bugs with location targeting and we had to call their customer support several times before it was fixed. Overall, here’s our rating: 

Price: 8/10 

Usability: 7/10 

Reporting: 5/10 

Social Media Platforms coverage: 9/10 


4. Planoly 

Planoly was formerly known as plano.gram – “plan your Instagram”? This tool is specifically designed to schedule posts in Instagram, although it also gives you an option to post on Facebook what you post in Instagram. The pros – the layout of the platform is very helpful for people who are visual. It also has a whitelist option which other scheduling tools have as well but this one is very user friendly. Just like Hootsuite, Planoly has a FREE to use option that uploads up to 30 posts and reporting up to 30 days. If you want to start paying, their service is pretty affordable. The cons? As mentioned earlier, this tool is best used only for Instagram accounts (and automatically publishes in Facebook). The disadvantage is if you have other accounts than Instagram and Facebook, then you will need to use another scheduling platform. 

Price: 9/10 

Usability: 9/10 

Reporting: 6/10 

Social Media Platforms coverage:  4/10 



Although Buffer is our overall winner in terms of the criteria. We are currently using Planoly and Hootsuite as everyone in our team loves the visual part and the integrated interfaces 

In case you do not have time to create content and plan a Social Media Calendar, the Conscious Agency can definitely assist you. Check out our Social Media Management services here and contact us today for more information. Also, don’t forget to check out our ultimate guide to Facebook PPC.

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