Affirmation Cards


Our #iam Motivation Cards will guide you with an affirmation created partly by you! Whatever card you pick, will ask you to finish the sentence to connect the neural pathway to ensuring the affirmation works to make a physical change. The motivation cards are believed to show you what is important to know right now, this could be something that is blocking you or something that you need to focus on, whatever you choose is said to always resonate with it’s participant. Each pouch comes with a crystal (each one is different and know that it is meant for you, whatever the type!) You will also receive a timber stand, to have on your desk or sacred space to remind you of your affirmation.

Included in the bag:  Price Includes Shipping within Australia

1 x Set of 25 Cards
1 x Card of Instructions
1 x Crystal (size/type/colour varies)
1 x Timber card holder



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