Reasons Why Video Marketing is So Powerful

Reasons Why Video Marketing is So Powerful
December 5, 2019 TCA Team
TCA Team
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In this day and age, most people’s lives are dictated and manipulated by what the internet says.  People rely on the internet mostly from simple things such as home remedies to complex business strategies.  One strategy that is quite powerful is video marketing.  Businesses invest in video creation to take their business to the world in an effective and immediate way.  This is because videos catch ones attention;are entertaining; and definitely improves the customer retention, and most of the time, influences its audience.  Video marketing is as dynamic as any of the practices of businesses today.  The old ways of marketing have changed, and we now have the fascinating world of video marketing. It is now incorporated into company strategy to use videos to market one’s business.

Here are the four main reasons why businesses resort to using videos in marketing their business.

1. Reach and Engagement

The majority of the population anywhere relies on the internet.  Everywhere around us, we will find people who are glued to their mobile devices, either exploring new information or just checking out social media networks.  It is no longer unusual that even business people utilize their phones to check their company’s data, compose and reply to emails, create, view and disseminate important documents, and even to make solid and progressive decisions for the business.  Marketing which uses videos is very effective and fast.  Reaching a business’ target market is easier with videos.  When a video is posted on social media, chances are, it would reach larger audiences.  The reach is not limited to the people who directly get the video, but also the people they are connected with too.  A simple comment on the video, a “share”, or even a “like” goes a long way.  Video marketing proves to be most beneficial to the audience and the businesses.  Videos going viral on the internet are common nowadays, and the reach extends to not just a single community, business, or demographic.  It encompasses the entire internet.

2. Getting it Out There

Reasons Why Video Marketing is So Powerful

Video marketing is the quickest and most effective way of making a point or getting the message across.  It hits one’s target market plus influences the other markets too.  A video gets the message through.  People nowadays are too busy to read lengthy advertisements, with the literature on the benefits of a business, service or product.  Businesses which are service based, could  benefit from video marketing the most, because services are not as tangible as products, so using videos, bring the services on offer to life.  People can visualize the kind of service a business provides and highlights the benefits of taking advantage of these services.  Not all have time to read.  But everyone can watch a video even when they are mobile.  The success rate of making people view videos are far greater than those who simply put together a written campaign.   Video marketing is not just powerful but also useful for businesses.

3. Cost-Effective

Marketing businesses are not cheap.  For a business to successfully market their product, service or the business itself, one needs to invest in many marketing platforms, and collateral.  Traditionally, when marketing is mentioned, what comes to our minds would be flyers, posters, billboards, AV advertisements, newspaper/magazine articles/ads, shirts, caps, and other novelties that are produced to make the brand leave its mark and be remembered.  With video marketing, half of what used to be the medium of marketing businesses can be extracted from a single video.  This would save time, money and effort in producing marketing collateral.  A video can be converted to several other media like video frames that can be captured and converted to graphic flyers for email campaigns.  A portion of the video can be clipped and converted to mini-advertisements for social media posting and sharing.  A banner can be added to the flyers and also be used for email campaigns and blogs or blog posts.  A whole lot of marketing strategies can be utilized in the creation of marketing paraphernalia out of a single video.

4. SEO

Businesses are fans of SEO and SEO results.  Web activity proves to bring in more conversion, more engagement, sales and ideas for future businesses.  Search engines are drawn to show videos in most of the searches done by people everywhere.  It does not matter which search engine.  Video marketing helps in achieving positive SEO results.  The more views a video gets on the internet, the more chances of reach, ergo, more chances of sales.  Reviews and subscriptions to videos do help as well.

In summary – in this dynamic business world, businesses must cope with the changing times and ever changing demands.  Video marketing is one powerful marketing tool and is increasingly used for advertisements today.  With the involvement of everyone in social media, the internet is the most effective avenue for marketing.  Video marketing helps any business to, extend its reach and engagement (not just limited to one’s target market); to get the message through (important in influencing decisions and choices – including purchases and suggestions); financially cut off the costly traditional forms of marketing; and lastly, increase SEO positive results.  Everyone on the internet loves viewing videos more than reading articles.  Video marketing, when used effectively will bring positive results.

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