The Importance of Google Analytics

The Importance of Google Analytics
December 12, 2019 TCA Team
TCA Team
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As a business, you would want a full understanding of the results your marketing campaigns produce. In digital marketing, Google Analytics is one of the most important tools you can use for that purpose.

Google Analytics is a free web analytics service from Google that allows you to monitor and analyze traffic on your website. It generates reports that provide you information about your visitors, their purpose for visiting, and how they get to your site. This is a vital tool to anybody who is interested in growing their brand’s market and presence online, but is often underused.

As a business, your key to success is understanding your audience and their behaviour towards your products and services. Google Analytics provides valuable insights that will help you track and understand your customer’s interests, behaviour, and if their needs are being met by your business. It is a free web service that allows you to dive in to the specifics to be able to develop better strategies and campaigns and to be able to easily see if they are working well or if you need to make changes.

Still not convinced? Here’s a list of reasons for you to start using Google Analytics for your business:

Google Analytics will help understand traffic on your website

Knowing where your customers and subscribers are coming from is one of the most powerful pieces of information you will need for a successful marketing plan. Whether we are looking at geographical location or referrals, knowing your sources has a huge impact on designing and implementing marketing strategies.

Geographical location plays a big role in running any business. Knowing your audience’s physical locations and what devices they are using will help you determine what kind of goals you should be setting for that area, and if there is growth. Google Analytics provides you with information on where your visitors are accessing your website. This is one of the most helpful functions of the tool because it will be a huge waste of time and resources to continue implementing your strategies in places where your brand does not make an impact.

Furthermore, Google Analytics also provides you with data from all channels that direct your visitors to your website. Do they come from organic ads, paid ads, social media, referrals? These reports will help you identify where your traffic is coming from, and better understand overall trends, so you can take action where it is necessary. Having all this information in one place will make it easier to compare, and will help you decide on your next course of action to maximize your marketing efforts and increase ROI.

Tracking lead conversions

If you have invested heavily on social media marketing and SEO like most businesses, it is likely that you will be receiving a lot more traffic on your website. This is a good thing, since the more people you attract, the more people become potential customers.

However, knowing how many people visit, where they come from, and how they found your website is not enough to ensure that your efforts are generating revenue for your business. Aside from learning about where your traffic comes from, it is also important to have knowledge about how many of those people are actually converting.

Google Analytics can definitely help you with this. Google Analytics has functions that will allow you to set goals to track whenever a user takes action on your website. This information will help you identify what works and what doesn’t, and tweak your processes and plans to ensure conversion for the next visitors you will have.

Monitoring consumer engagement

Interaction with your consumers leads the most prospective customers into taking action on your website. Providing your existing and potential customers with positive experiences drive them to visit your website more often and refer you to their friends and family more.

Google Analytics has quite a few functions that will provide you with the exact data you need to review how your users are interacting with your content.

  • Bounce Rate – Not all visitors on your website will take action. The average individual spends a few seconds to a few minutes on a page to scan its contents and eventually, skip taking action and just navigate away. The Bounce Rate will show you the percentage of people who land on your page, but who do not do anything and just navigate away after visiting just one page.
  • Pages/Session – Some visitors would take time to see what you have to offer, and click around some of your content. Although it does not necessarily mean they are converting, it is still a huge factor to consider when working on your marketing campaigns. This function shows you the average number of pages that your visitors view on your website, not including those who bounced.
  • Average Session Duration – Most of the time, you will be able to measure a user’s interest in your brand, products, and services by the amount of time they spend on your website. Average Session Duration will show you the amount of time spent by your visitors on your website, also not including the ones who bounced.


Track your results

The main goal of having a tool like Google Analytics in place is to help you track the progress of your business. This could seem like a daunting task if you have multiple tools to utilize in order to identify these factors that affect your business and its growth.

Google Analytics is an ‘all in one’ tool that helps you develop more effective marketing strategies to help improve the movement of your business online. It provides you  with comprehensive reports with valuable insights that will help you better understand what your business needs in order to successfully deliver to your clients and customers, and keep your business moving forward.

All in all, Google Analytics is one of the best analytics management tools that you can invest in for the growth of your business. It has a user-friendly interface, and it generates reports that provide you with data that not all other tools can give. Aside from being easy to navigate interface and functions, it is also is a free service, making it accessible to you, whether your business already has an established audience, or if you are a startup just beginning to understand and identify your market.


If you need to set up Google Analytics on your site to understand your website’s traffic, send us a message.

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