Top 10 Social Media Tips from 2019

Top 10 Social Media Tips from 2019
January 7, 2020 TCA Team
TCA Team
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Social media has become a powerful marketing tool in the last decade. Millions and millions of users worldwide login daily to their social media accounts and thousands and thousands of content pieces are shared by the second. It is crucial, more than ever, to make sure you are using your social media reach to its fullest potential. What does it take to be viral? Here are the Top 10 social media tips from 2019 that you can use today.

#1 – Layout your goals and objectives

This is the very first step and the most important step. If you do not have clear goals and objectives, you cannot focus your marketing efforts toward one goal. Layout your goals and objectives and then identify what social media strategy you will take. Set attainable goals and adjust your objectives as needed.

# 2 – Consistency

Post regularly and post at optimal hours. If you have a business profile, make the most out of Insights and use the data to identify which hours are the best time to post your content.

#3 – Content. Content. Content.

Even if you are regularly posting on your social media accounts but the content is not interesting enough to your target users, you will still not get the attention that you want. Research your target audience and put yourself in their mindset to find out what will be engaging to them.

#4 – Craft your content based on the platform

LinkedIn is for professionals;thus, it is best to post content that relates to your field with helpful information. A wide range of people use Facebook,so it is pretty much a mixed bag, however sharing real stories is probably a good start.Instagram and Pinterest posts should be highly visual, but Pinterest can be highly effective in linking content back to your website.

Top 10 Social Media Tips from 2019

#5 – Go easy on selling

Users dislike in-your-face intrusive selling. People find it off-putting when businesses post too many promotions. You have your website to do that for you. Instead, use your social media accounts to connect with your target audience and build meaningful relationships. Let your audience get to know you so that you can build trust and confidence towards your brand. People will buy from businesses they trust.

#6 – Post engaging videos

Put away your camera-shy self and step in front of the camera. Users find it more interesting to watch a video of you talking about your business, rather than reading about it. Just keep it short and sweet; anything longer than 10 minutes might lose the interest of your target audience.

#7 – Use infographs

People love to share images on social media. If you have helpful content you’d like to share, consider making it into an infographic. Make it visually stimulating and the information highly useful.

#8 – Work with influencers

The rise in influencers has opened up a new way to digitally market your products. Identify popular users and collaborate together to promote your products. Make sure you work with influencers that share the same views and values. They will be representing your brand so anything that they post will be associated with your brand.

#9 – Do giveaways

A quick way to gain followers is by doing contests and giveaways. You can ask your followers to tag other followers so they can join the contest. Or they can post a picture and use your hashtag. The mechanics should be easy to follow so that more users will join.

#10 – Use the right tools

If you have several social media accounts, managing them can become a nightmare. A social media automation tool can help you stay organised with your posts. Some tools are free, but most require a fee to unlock premium features.

We can only expect social media platforms grow more and more in the future. Get on the bandwagon and start making your mark in the social media world and connect with your target audience.

These are the Social Media tips that we learned from 2019 and if you want to need to create an effective Social Media Marketing strategy, then contact The Conscious Agency today.


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