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At TCA, branding is the beginning.

It’s the foundation everything you create in your business. It shapes how and what you have to give others.

“Your brand is your totem, your strength and your protection, when you know that – you will always be guided towards success’. 

Scarlett Vespa


We work with you to find your unique selling proposition. We uncover your 'why' and our Brand-Maker & CEO, Scarlett Vespa will reveal and dissolve any blocks to success

logo design

Each logo is specifically designed to bring success to you and your business. The logo is considered your totem that will protect and guide you on your journey.​

brand story

Your brand story will be what determines the narrative of your website copy, your social campaigns and how you are seen in the world. Here we uncover your brand story.​


THE Process

All the branding is done by the Founder and Director of TCA, Scarlett Vespa. The first step is to get clarity about your vision, the business goals and identifying the blocks you may have to realising your dream. Scarlett works with you to use those ‘challenges’ and turn them into gold! Yes she believes that every part of your life holds the story to success, even the things you don’t like! From there the brand story is developed, variations of a logo design which is presented in variations of your digital brand. From there, the website, stills, social media headers and any business requirements such as business cards, presentation templates for brochures, your IG template for future use is all provided in your brand guide. Your brand is fully realised in a consistent and professional ‘unique’ way.


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