Your Ultimate Guide to IGTV

Your Ultimate Guide to IGTV
November 19, 2019 TCA Team
TCA Team
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We’ve finally created an article as your ultimate guide for IGTV! For the past years, we have seen the power of video in every social media platform! Millions of people around the globe uploads video of their interests; birthdays, celebrations, funny moments (even crying moments). We cannot deny the fact that we can easily get affected by a video we have seen.

Speaking of video platforms, Digital marketing has a new trend and that is the use of video in promoting their brand and to convey significant message to their audience. This article is your ultimate guide to IGTV!

What is IGTV?

Ultimate guide to IGTV

IGTV (Instagram TV), was launched by Instagram last June 2018. Videos created in this standalone app are designed for mobile viewing, meaning they can be both vertical and horizontal videos. The video can be accessed via Instagram app but the content creators must download the IGTV app for them to post their videos.

IGTV allows you to watch/create long form videos. Previously, contents were limited to a 60 second video cap, but in the current update, content creators can now upload videos up to 10 minutes. For those who have larger accounts they have a 1-hour limit.

With this new trend in digital marketing, we cannot deny the fact that video has become increasingly important tool in social media marketing. In fact, some brands slowly adopted this kind of marketing strategy, realizing that having this one-minute preview on their channels, they could catch followers’ attention without requiring them to leave the Instagram app. This can boost engagement in your Instagram account.

They can watch IGTV videos in different ways, via Instagram app, IGTV standalone app, or by clicking the IGTV button on someone’s Instagram profile. Followers will get notifications when new video to IGTV was posted.

How to download IGTV?

Simply, go to the “App Store” or “Google Play”. Search for the IGTV app, and click “Install.”

You can still click the TV-shaped icon on the top right corner of your Instagram home screen if you do not want to download the IGTV app. But remember, for you to upload you video content, you need to use the IGTV app.


How to create an IGTV channel?

As content creator, you need to have a specific IGTV channel, where you will upload all your videos.

First, sign in to your IGTV App. Then in the Settings gear, click “Create Channel” (Name the channel based on your brand)


Now, it is time to upload your video.

Step 1. Open the IGTV app, tap the IGTV logo in the top right of Feed.

Step 2. Tap your profile photo to view your channel.

Step 3. Tap + and choose a video, then tap Next. (Allow IGTV access to your videos)

Step 4. Add a title and description.  Just like in any other video platforms, you may add any relevant keywords to your description, this will make easier for people to find your videos. It also includes hashtags and you may also tag other Instagram accounts.

At this stage, you can share a one-minute preview of your video to your Instagram feed and profile. This will help to increase engagements and views. They can tap “keep watching” to continue watching the full video you have created.

This is the only chance you’ll have to post a preview. You can’t go back and edit later. You can also share your video if your Facebook page is connected.

Step 5. Edit the cover photo. Take special care in choosing your cover photo. Make sure it is clear and compelling to catch attention to your followers.  Make sure it is perfect before you post it, because you cannot edit your cover photo once it is uploaded.

Step 6. Tap Post. When you’re done, click “Post” to publish your video.


Remember this, when users opened the IGTV app, video will automatically start playing with navigation options at the bottom of the app. You can choose to watch videos in the following categories:

  1. For you. These videos are based on your own interests. (based on interests)
  2. These are accounts or videos that you follow.
  3. These are popular videos posted in Instagram
  4. Continue watching. It allows you to continue watching the video you have started.

Step 7. Set – up your IGTV Analytics

Once you have uploaded a video to IGTV, the next step is to find analytics on your video. This will provide you how many views, likes and comments. It will also notify you if comments has received, retention of audience and to what point people stopped watching the video.

To get these insights, open your IGTV app and click on one of your published videos. Follow these steps:

  1. Open your video, and then click the “…” icon beside the like, comment, and share buttons on your IGTV video.
  2. Select “View Insights” or copy the link to your video (You can also delete a video here if you want to). You will be able to see your views, likes and comments as well.
  3. Here are your insights, including engagement metrics and audience retention metrics.



Instagram’s IGTV is almost guaranteed to be a game-changer, it will help different businesses to reach their potential especially in the world of digital marketing. IGTV is a perfect format in showcasing your brand to reach different types of users. Please keep in mind, to make sure that the content is clear and informative, this will allow you to engage more to your followers.


If you need assistance on how to use the Instagram’s new feature, please let us know, and we can have one of our Digital Marketing Experts contact you.

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